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About Us

Mobile phones have become an inevitable part of our daily life. In today's fast paced, ever evolving environment it's very important to have a phone with advanced features. Just like our bodies can't work without food, similarly even our phones need food in the form of electricity and the device through which we can provide electricity to our phones are chargers. With changes in time, we might have got access to different shapes and types of chargers but their basic function has remained the same. We very well understand the importance of chargers and to serve our clients a wide variety of such hi tech products, we, Vedkee Electronics, have entered in the market. We are a proud importer and supplier of a diversified range of data cables and chargers. Our range consists of Usb Data Cable, Mobile Charger CableMicro USB Fast Charging Cable, Black Wireless Mobile Charger, White Wireless Mobile Charger, 10W Magic Charging Pad, White Android Charging Data Cable And Cell Phone Adapter, etc.

Business Policies

Business policies are a set of guidelines which are made by a company to ensure smooth functioning of various tasks. We very well understand the importance of business policies and have designed our policies so as to provide maximum benefits to the clients. Some of the policies on which we lay huge emphasis are customer quality policy,  ethics & conduct policy, employment policy, non-discrimination policy, etc. All our policies are made keeping in mind the convenience and benefit of our clients. The policies that we have designed also address our employee's problems, their working hours, timings, compensatory benefits, etc. We are here not just to sell products but maintain a healthy relationship with our employees and clients, as we believe our clients and our employees are a very important part of our corporate eco-system and their contentment is directly proportional to our business growth.

Why Us?

Though we are a new name in the market, just 2 years old, yet the one thing that differentiates us from our competitors is the quality of our range that we are serving at cost-effective prices to all our clients. All our procured White Android Charging Data Cable And Cell Phone Adapter, Micro USB Fast Charging Cable, 10W Magic Charging Pad, etc., has to undergo a series of tests before being sent to clients. Some more reasons to trust us with your time and money includes:

  • We provide the most advantageous deals to our clients
  • We believe in growth and we adopt and learn new work methodologies to boost our work productivity
  • We are always searching for better and innovative products, for which we have build a large network of vendors
  • We are always adding more products in our portfolio
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